GM Gauge Cluster Repair

and LED Conversion

Gift Card Purchases
For ease of execution, the pre-selected gift card amounts are for year models 2003 - 2006 and 2007 Classic. Please contact us to get amounts for other year models. 

Please follow the steps below to purchase a gift card:

1. Click on this Gift Card Link
2. Select the appropriate amount for the gift card
$140 for the full rebuild (includes return shipping & fees)
$170 for the full rebuild & LED conversion (includes return shipping & fees)
3. Enter the recipients name and email address
4. Enter your name and email address
5. Select the date in which you would like the gift card to be emailed to the recipient
6. Finalize payment

Gift Card Recipients will need to follow the process below:

1. Visit and review the Shipping and Order Form page
2. Print the shipping order form from the link on the bottom of the page
3. Fill out the order form (include the gift card redemption code under the payment type)
4. Place completed order form in the box with the instrument cluster and seal box
5. Ship sealed package to the address on top of the order form using your preferred     carrier.

The Gauge Guy

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