GM Gauge Cluster Repair

and LED Conversion

How to Order

1) Carefully read the information below that explains details on packaging, shipping, return shipping and payment options.

2) Click on the "GM Gauge Guy Service Repair Order Form" link on the bottom of the page.

3) Print and fill out the order form and include it in the box with your gauges.

4) Send your packaged gauges to the address on top of the order form.

Please use the following information when packing and shipping your gauge cluster. Reading this section and its entirety will minimize shipping delays and additional shipping costs.

** Once I receive your gauge cluster in the mail I will have it completed and back out in the mail to you the very next business day.

Your gauge cluster is a fragile electrical component to your vehicle and can be very expensive and time consuming to replace if damaged due to improper packing.  Here are the steps you'll need to complete to ensure your gauge cluster is safe and is cost effective to ship. After you've removed the gauge cluster from your vehicle you'll need to wrap it with bubble wrap so that all areas are covered. (Please do not use newspaper, blankets or towels.) A few pieces of tape can be used to secure the bubble wrap from coming loose. Please do not use an entire roll of tape as we will reuse the packing materials to send the gauge cluster back to you.

The ideal box size is an 18 x 12 x 6. That is 18” long, 12” width and 6” depth. We understand that not everyone has access to a box with these exact measurements so please try to find a box close to these dimensions without going under. You can also modify a bigger box so that it is smaller in size. Remember, the bigger and heavier the box, the more costly it is for you to ship. Our return shipping estimates are based off the above packing dimensions. If there is still room in the box for the gauge cluster to slide around after you have wrapped it in bubble wrap you may add packing peanuts. However, you must make sure that they are static free, as you are essentially packing a circuit board.

You MUST ship your gauge cluster and its entirety. Please DO NOT remove the front or the back of the gauge cluster as it needs to be covered so that electrical components are not exposed. This could result in an electrical short, doubling the cost of the repair or off setting the calibration. As a courtesy please wipe off any excessive dirt and dust from your instrument panel. This will help maintain a clean, static free environment and will ensure all electronic components remain free from static charge and contamination.  

You’re responsible for shipping your gauge cluster to us.  If not included, please make sure you add a minimum of $100 insurance to your package as this will cover the cost of a broken lens. We accept packages from USPS, FedEx and UPS. There are a few different options when it comes to return shipping as listed below. In most cases we will have your gauge cluster in the mail and back out to you the very next business day after we receive it.  

Option 1 (easiest and quickest) – Purchase a return label and include it in the box prior to shipping your gauge cluster to us. This will ensure you receive your gauge cluster in the quickest possible manner and give you complete control on how fast you would like it get it back. Please do NOT send stamps for return postage as this will delay the return process and will not have a return tracking number. Remember to write down your tracking number so you can see when it was delivered and when you will receive it back. 

Option 2 – A standard $15 charge will be added to your total for return shipping. Your gauge cluster will be sent back via FedEx ground. *Note - All shipments to PO boxes will be shipped out via USPS standard mail which will not provide a tracking number. Option 1 would be the best selection if shipping to a PO box. 

Option 3 - If you would like additional shipping options other than FedEx ground you will need to notate that on the Service Order Form. We will contact you within 24hrs with a return shipping quote. *Note if you choose this option, you might want to consider selecting option 1 to save time.


Turnaround Time
Once I receive your gauge cluster in the mail it will be completed and sent back out in the mail the next business day.

*Note - Payments made by credit card and PayPal are preferred and will help expedite your order.  
Now that you've properly packed your gauge cluster, selected your shipping option and payments, you’re now ready to fill out the service order form that will need to be included with your gauge cluster. Please click on the link above.
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