GM Gauge Cluster Repair

and LED Conversion

Gauge Cluster Repair

This will fix gauges with the following symptoms:

Non-working gauges
Gauges that stick or jump
Gauges that read incorrectly
Dim or dull lighting
Burned out lights (check engine light, turn signal indicator, etc.)
Dim or dark gear indicator (PRND321)
Gauges that do not come on at all
Gauges that will come on and off randomly 

LED Conversion

This will replace your factory back lighting with bright LED lights with your choice of available colors.

Available colors: Blue, Light BlueWhite, RedGreenYellowOrange, Purple, Pink

* NOTE - The Blue LEDs are our most popular and longest lasting LEDs available.
*NOTE - The White LEDs can be extremely bright to some people.


If you've purchased an aftermartket gauge overlay or needles, you can have us professionally install them and recalibrate your gauge cluster.

*Note all work comes with a FREE professional recalibration

LIFETIME WARRANTY on all parts and workmanship!!

*Warranty can be denied if instrument panel was tampered with before it was sent or after you have received it back. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Will my mileage change?
A1: No, since we're repairing your cluster your mileage will stay the same.

Q2: Can I drive my vehicle with the gauge cluster removed?
A2: Yes, it will drive normal without any issues.

Q3: Are LEDs safe to use in my vehicle?
A3: Yes, they are actually safer since they run cooler and use less power.

Q4: How long is the warranty?
A4: Lifetime, I stand behind my work and the products I use.

Q5: How long does the process take?
A5: If you are local to Arizona it will take about 1 business day for a repair and LED conversion.

Q6: I'm out of state or too far away to drive. What can I do?
A6: If you're too far to drive or just don't have the time, you can ship me your gauge cluster. I've had customers ship me their gauge clusters from all over the U.S. and even from other countries. Just click on the link below for more information on the shipping process.
Shipping and Order Form

Q7: Will my dimmer switch still work with the LED conversion?
A7: Yes, it will work just like normal.

Q8: The clear plastic bezel on my gauge cluster is cracked, do you have replacements?
A8: Yes, most of the time we do carry clear plastic replacement bezels.

Q9: What is the turn around time?
A9: Once I receive your gauge cluster it will be completed and sent back out in the mail to you the very next business day.

The Gauge Guy

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