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I'm your number one source for all your GM gauge cluster needs. Whether that be a simple repair for your gauges that don't work, or are sticking, or a bright custom LED back lighting conversion that will ensure your vehicle stands out from the rest. I only produce quality work and I'm not satisfied until you are!

If you have a show car that needs that extra touch to stand out, or a daily driver you love to show off, I have everything you need. High quality L.E.D. conversions will transform your car and elevate your driving experience to a whole new level.

Between the years 2003 and 2007 GM produced their pick up, SUV and other GM models with defective (recalled) parts inside the instrument cluster. Over time the defective parts, called stepper motors, will wear out causing erratic movement of the gauges including the speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge, oil pressure gauge, water temp gauge, volt gauge and the optional transmission temperature gauge.

Common symptoms of stepper motor failure are: dead or sticky gauges, gauges giving obviously wrong readings, needles "pegging out" or showing maximum readings, intermittent operation of gauges and commonly speedometers that read roughly half or even double actual vehicle speed. Obviously this situation can lead to potential speeding tickets and even unsafe conditions if the driver is startled at the incorrect reading while driving. Commonly, fuel gauge failure has led to drivers being stranded along the road as they attempt to measure their fuel by miles driven on the odometer.

If you find yourself with a GM vehicle that has any of these problems you have a few options. First, you can consider buying a used cluster assembly from a salvage yard or "junk yard". Be aware however, you must to have the mileage programmed from the dealer and all used clusters will have the same defective parts and will also fail in time.

Second, you can take your GM vehicle to the local dealership. They will replace the entire part for a cost usually between $400 and $800 and an extended down time of at least 2-3 weeks.

Third, you can have your original instrument cluster repaired by a professional speedometer repair business
( This option is often the best for many GM owners as it requires no re-programming, little or no down time and the least overall cost of all the options.

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LIFETIME WARRANTY on all parts and workmanship!!

Below is the list of applicable vehicles for repair and/or L.E.D. conversion:

(No LED Conversion Available on BUICK Models Below)

2003 - 2006 LeSabre
2004 - 2006 Rainier
2002 - 2006 Rendezvou

2007 - 2013 Escalade (Digital Display Repair)
2003 - 2006 Escalade


2007 - 2013 Silverado 1500, 2500, 3500
2003 - 2006 Silverado 1500, 2500, 3500
2007 Silverado Classic 1500, 2500, 3500
2003 - 2006 Silverado SS
2003 - 2006 Tahoe
2007 - 2013 Tahoe 
2003 - 2006 Surburban
2007 - 2013 Surburban 
2003 - 2006 Alavanche
2007 - 2013 Avalanche
2002 - 2009 Trailblazer
2003 - 2007 Trailblazer SS
2004 - 2006 SSR
2003 - 2009 Kodiak

(No LED Conversion Available on CHEVY Models Below)
 2000 - 2005 Cavalier 
2001 - 2005 Impala
2003 - 2006 Kodiak
2003 - 2005 Malibu
2001 - 2005 Monte Carlo
2003 - 2004 Tracker
2003 - 2005 Venture


2003 - 2006 Sierra 1500, 2500, 3500
2003 - 2006 Sierra Denali
2007 - 2013 Sierra Denali
2003 - 2006 Yukon, Denali
2007 - 2013 Yukon, Denali
2003 - 2009 Envoy, Denali
2003 - 2009 Topkick

2003 - 2006 Hummer H2

2002 - 2006 Ascender
2003 - 2009 H-Series

(No LED Conversion Available on OLDSMOBILE Models Below)
2003 - 2004 Bravada
2003 - 2004 Silhouette

(No LED Conversion Available on PONTIAC Models Below)
2003 - 2005 Aztek
2003 - 2005 Benneville
2003 - 2005 Grand Am
2003 - 2005 Grand Prix
2004 - 2005 Montana
2000 - 2005 Sunfire

(No LED Conversion Available on ITASCA Models Below)
2003 - 2007 Suncruiser (Workhorse/Gas)
2003 - 2007 Sunrise (Workhorse/Gas)

We are located in Glendale, Arizona but have repaired gauge clusters from all over Arizona including Phoenix, Peoria, Avondale, Goodyear, Chandler, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, Flagstaff, Payson, Show Low and many others. We've also had many customers send us their gauge clusters from all over the U.S. and even from other countries. All gauge clusters received through mail will be sent back out the very next business day.

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